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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Musing Vol. #1

Through books I've lived a thousand lives, in uncountable worlds, and gone to places most people only get to dream about. I have met amazing people who have helped shape the person I am today. Teaching me how to live, how to love, to learn from their mistakes and become even stronger than them, because I already know the answers to questions some of them died in order to learn.
I've fought battles side by side with great heroes and experienced their emotions as though I am one with them. And I have done all this from the comfort of my bedroom.
But yo, this isn't one of those, "you need to get off your electronics and pick up a book, and not one of those kind you download to your kindle. I mean an honest to goodness, turn each page as you read book," kind of speeches. Though that's not a bad idea, this is about something else. Something that's been eating at me since I read my first novel as a kid. Ready for the big question? The one I've been sitting on for as long as I can remember, you sure? Well, here it is;
Am i the only one who really has this, like, burning desire to not just read about all this amazing stuff but to actually make my mark on the world like they did? 
See, their boldness and courage to be heard and do the same thing myself?
Some of the heroes I'm referring to include characters like Katniss Everdeen, Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride, Tris Prior, Thomas, Annabeth Chase, Jonas the receiver, etc. 
To me these are not just fictional characters, these are real people. They lived, They made mistakes, they died. Just like us. They stand for something that can be achieved, something that has to be fought for in order to be gained. They stand for Freedom, and they stand for Courage. Two things we have all but lost in America today.
Allot of people read a series like the Hunger Games and simply shrug off the chills saying, "It's just fiction, this wouldn't ever actually happen in real life."
Well, allow me to shed some light on the subject, "WAKE UP!!!!" I mean have you looked around lately?  
We seem to forget the part in the plot where the hero finds out the terrible society they live in now used to be a free country, then turned into the prison people know now. Sound familiar?
People, we're getting dangerously close to living in a world like our favorite distopian novels, if we don't do something soon!
Sure, there aren't any Erasers running around wild for us to go blast out of the sky, or big bad corporations  that can be taken down by one kid with an attitude and and ax to grind, but there has to be something we can do, right?
 Part of what makes kids like Tris heroes is that they saw something corrupt in their society and and didn't just wait around for someone else to fix it, they took action on what they saw themselves!
These people may have been created as just characters by authors with pens and keyboards but they're, in a way, as real as you an me.  They we're created like we were created, to help fill in the big picture. Each one of us representing a piece of the puzzle, but does that mean we have to just blend in with everything around us? I don't know about about you, but my answer is a big fat, tape-it-on-your-forehead, "NO!!!"
If your like me and your reading this cause you think you've finally found somebody with some answers to our problem, I'm sorry to say I don't have any. 
I'm writing what I feel. What I think needs to happen even if I don't really know what that something is myself.  
So, by this point your probably either completely on board or thinking I'm a total wack-job. 
Well you'd probably be right. On which one, you ask? I'll let you decide, I don't know if I really said anything just now but maybe it made you think, realize that your not alone, or finally gave you that push to do what you've been wanting to for a while. Then again you might not even give this post a second thought. 
Thats up to you to decide. 
You go out there and make your mark.
Oh, and when you do, drop me a line and let me know how it's done. 

----Hannah E.